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Hi, my name is Fritz and I like bleeps, bloops and sound in general. I am a producer and sound tech from Hamburg, Germany.

What I Do


I am grateful to be part of SPUK's debut EP. Due to a very limited timeframe we did a lot of remote work and only met up for crucial production efforts in the studio. On this record I was part of the production, recording and mixing process.

SPUK — Neuer Freund

SPUK — Neuer Freund


Due to the pandemic, my production with Pizza Death from Berlin was a remote session where they recorded the material in their rehearsal space and I mixed it later on. To spice things up I sent everything through my trusty MSR24 on Ampex 456.

Pizza Death — Rifle Song

Pizza Death — Rifle Song


When Gustavo and Hamburg-based white knights of water Viva Con Agua teamed up to design a shoe I was asked to write a jingle for their ad.

Gustavo X Viva Con Agua

Gustavo X Viva Con Agua

About me

Fritz in the Studio

I'm Fritz, born 1992 and I live in Hamburg. For more than two decades I have been making music, toying around with sound and destroying electronics. I was lucky enough to receive both academic (B.Sc.) and interdisciplinary education in music, sound and production. I have been touring with bands such as Leoniden and Ilgen-Nur and produced several records over the years. In the beginning of 2022 I founded the mechanik_rec studio in Hamburg where I spend most of my time. Come by and say hi!

Also I am part of the Hamburg based PR, MGMT and touring firm mechanik.rip

The Studio

One View of the Studio

In early 2022 mechanik_rec was founded. The studio offers both digital and analog recording thanks to state-of-the-art converters by Antelop and our vintage workhorse 24-track tape machine. Our space was designed for creativity and with modern artists' needs in mind. We created a cozy and light space away from everyday distractions to really focus on music. To capture that creative spark we rely on the best equipment we could get our hands on, ranging from Neve and API preamps to vintage and modern microphone classics by Neumann, AKG, Soyuz, Octava and so on.

Another View of the Studio

These are the bands I play in



A five-piece punk band from Hamburg. We started out writing 50-second-songs for too short live-sets but lost track and wrote two full length records and a genre-defying trilogy of four-song-EPs. In this band I play drums and am heavily involved in songwriting.



This three-piece started out on our computers and eventually became a noisy band. We decided to focus more on sonic offensiveness and sound than song structures. My business is playing the bass, writing songs, melodies and structures and some lyrics.


My Music

I also make music on my own from time to time. Find it on Spotify or on Bandcamp.

Say hi or leave some feedback! Feel free to contact me via mail or social media: